The Official Trading Cafe Book

We Reached Out To 5 Million Retail Traders & Found Four Who Were Genuine Six-Figure Earners

And we put their knowledge into this book...

  • Chapter 1: The Reality Check

  • Chapter 2: The Science That Underpins Trading

  • Chapter 3: Why Does Price Action Trading Work?

  • Chapter 4: Will It Go Up Or Down? The Science Behind Market Direction

  • Chapter 5: Scientifically Tested Entry Signals

  • Chapter 6: Quick Win Strategies to 6-Figures

  • Chapter 7: M-Tops & W-Bottoms by Simon Pullen

  • Chapter 8: Free Goodwill

  • Chapter 9: The SID Method

  • Chapter 10: Supply & Demand by Alex Morris

  • Chapter 11: The Funded Quick Win Strategy by Deni Dantev

  • Chapter 12: How To Learn These Strategies Correctly

  • Chapter 13: Switching To Live Trading

  • Chapter 14: The Key to Living Off Your Trading Income

  • Chapter 15: The Six Figure Journey by Zack van Niekerk

  • Chapter 16: Get Funded

  • Chapter 17: What To Say To Your Family

  • BONUS #1: 65 Chart Patterns You Can Trade.

  • BONUS #2: 47 Leading Indicators To Confirm Your Trading Decision

  • BONUS #3: 46 Scaling In Methods To Supercharge Your Trades (advanced)

  • BONUS #4: 61 Stop Loss Methods To Protect Your Trades (advanced)

  • BONUS #5: FREE STRATEGY - The 9-Step Reversal Pattern Method by Simon Pullen

  • BONUS #6 - FREE STRATEGY: The Fibonacci Quick Win Strategy by Deni Dantev

  • BONUS #7 - FREE STRATEGY: Order Blocks by Alex Morris

The Astonishing Science Behind Four Ordinary Men & Their Journey To Becoming 6-Figure Traders

For just $10.00 you'll get the book plus 7 bonuses.

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Who are we?

The Trading Cafe Limited is a company registered in both Hong Kong and the U.S. We run a free education community for people who would like to learn trading properly. This is an education focussed community more akin to a school. This book is the product of this community.

We do not offer any trading signals, financial advice, or trade recommendations. In fact, we actively recommend newcomers stop trading altogether until they have gone through the necessary education in order to do it safely. We do sell products and services under another brand called The Trading Academy. You can find out more about that here. Our team mostly works remotely and we have flexible working hours, however we do have two permanent addresses:

U.S. Address:

The Trading Cafe LLC

1007 N Orange St. 4th Floor Suite #3131, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, United States

Hong Kong Address:

The Trading Cafe Limited

Unit 1603, 16th Floor, The L. Plaza, 367 - 375 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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